Escape Rooms Can Be Played A Few Different Ways Depending On Your Preference

7 September 2017
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Escape rooms have been around for awhile, originating in Japan several years ago. They were thought to help workers release stress from busy work days and to help build team work and trust between co-workers. What started out as an exercise for workers has become a worldwide phenomenon and exciting game for friends to play. One of the best parts about escape rooms is that there are a few different ways to play, depending on your preference.

Board Game Escape Room

The original way to play an escape room game was a physical board game that was really a series of puzzles the team must solve in order to escape the game. Players are given several sets of difficult puzzles, along with hints and clues to help them solve each puzzle. They can follow the strategy lined out for them by the game, or if they feel adventurous, they can come up with their own strategy in how to solve each puzzle, hearby escaping the room.

Players are given a set time limit in which to solve each puzzle and uncover the secret plot or story of the game.

Video Game Escape Room

Aside from the board game, there is also a tech way to join in the fun, in the form of a video game. These can be played as a single player game or in groups or teams. They work just like the board game in which players must solve a series of puzzles or find hidden objects within the room in order to solve the story or plot of the game and escape.

The online versions of escape rooms can be found at a number of popular online gaming sites, and even Facebook has the extremely popular "Escape the Room" game. The games are set in a fictional setting that changes per game, and these may include prison cells, dungeons, and spaceships, to name a few.

Real Life Escape Room

If you prefer a role-play type of game where you and your friends are actually locked into a room and you must figure out how to escape, you can play the newest trend in escape room fun and visit a real-life escape room. These are locations in which teams of players are placed inside themed rooms and given a series of puzzles they must solve in order to escape the room. The teams are given a time limit.

These games are typically harder than their video or board game counterparts, and it takes skill and concentration along with teamwork to solve the puzzles and escape.