Wedding Planning 101: 3 Tips For Working With Your Photo Booth Company To Create A Picture Perfect Event

8 August 2017
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You have arranged for everything to make your wedding dreams come true. Now, all you have to do is add the finishing touches to your reception. Today, one of the most popular ways to encourage guest interaction is to include event photo booths that get even the shyest guest ready for some fun. Whether your friends and family prefer striking wacky poses or smooching for the camera, you can use these tips to make sure that your photo booth is a success:

Ask About Booth Styles

There are several different booth styles that can change how this entertainment option fits into your reception. For example, an open booth style allows for larger groups to gather for more formal photographs. Alternatively, a closed booth creates a more intimate setting that is ideal for singles, couples or smaller groups. It is also helpful to know if the photo booth you choose will have seats or require guests to stand. Although the type you need varies according to your preferences, knowing the full details of what to expect helps you plan where to place it at your reception venue.

Let Them Know Your Wedding Theme

Wedding photo booths are fun to stuff with props that help your guests get into the spirit of celebrating your special day. From whimsical feather boas to lovely chalkboards for displaying sentiments, you want to give your guests something fun to pose with that matches your overall theme. Spend a little time talking to your photo booth company about your wedding theme so that they can help you choose props that will make each photo a cherished keepsake.

Create a Plan for Displaying Photos

Depending upon the type of photo booth you choose, your guests may have strips of photos to keep or larger ones that can be framed. There may also be digital copies available that you can use to upload to social media. Alternatively, you can print them to add to a scrapbook or create a digital slide show to present at your first anniversary party. With so many options, you can do more than one display. Let your event entertainment professionals know if you want extra copies of the photos so that they can help you choose the best option to fit your dreams for documenting your reception.

Although you will always cherish those formal wedding party photos, the truth is that it is the ones that come later that give you a true glimpse of the fun that everyone had on your special day. By working with your photo booth company to plan an event that everyone will remember, you can look forward to viewing each guest's contribution to your wedding memories.

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